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COLEAD promotes integrated pest management (IPM) and supports producers to control pests while minimising any negative impacts on people or the environment. When plant protection products are a necessary element of an IPM system, COLEAD works to ensure that producers can access appropriate and less harmful products and can use them safely.

For the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific horticultural sector; the COLEAD Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) database allows you to search by crop and active substance to obtain information on the GAP that ensure compliance with current European Union (EU) and Codex Alimentarius maximum residue limits (MRLs). Additional information is provided on the type of pesticide, the status of the active substance in the EU, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended classification by hazard and the resistance group (FRAC code for fungicides; IRAC classification for insecticides). By clicking on the “view” link, you will be able to see and print the data sheet relevant to your search.

Before applying any Plant Protection Products (PPPs) in a given country, it is important to ensure that the product is registered for use by the national competent authorities. The lists of PPPs registered in ACP countries are available here. To prevent build-up of resistance, and to promote the use of low-risk substances, we recommend that users systematically check if alternative products are available. We recommend that you also access other databases and information sources, such as the CABI BioProtection Portal; this is a publicly available tool that provides information on registered biocontrol and biopesticides around the world.

See the lists of plant protection products registered in ACP countries


Crop Active substance EU MRL Codex MRL Good agricultural practices
Broccoli Dimethomorph 5 4 view
Broccoli Chlorantraniliprole 1.5 2 view
Broccoli Fipronil 0.005 0.02 view
Broccoli Cyromazine 0.01 (*) / view
Broccoli Deltamethrin 0.1 0.1 view
Broccoli Chlorpyrifos-methyl 0.01 (*) / view
Broccoli Chlorpyrifos-ethyl 0.01 (*) 2 view
Broccoli Lambda-cyhalothrin 0.1 0.5 view
Broccoli Methomyl 0.01 (*) / view
Broccoli Metaldehyde 0.7 / view
Broccoli Metalaxyl-M 0.2 0.5 view
Broccoli Maneb 1 / view
Broccoli Metaflumizone 0.02 (*) / view
Broccoli Fosetyl-aluminium 70 0.2 view
Broccoli Methoxyfenozide 0.01 (*) 3 view
Broccoli Mancozeb 1 / view
Broccoli Malathion 0.02 (*) / view
Broccoli Maltodextrin No MRL required Aucune LMR requise / view
Broccoli Oxymatrine / / view
Broccoli Trifloxystrobin 0.6 0.5 view
Broccoli Chlorothalonil 0.01 (*) 5 view
Broccoli Bronopol / / view
Broccoli Flubendiamide 0.01 (*) 4 view
Broccoli Imidacloprid 0.01 (*) 0.5 view
Broccoli Indoxacarb 0.3 0.2 view





COLEAD makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in this database is up-to-date. However, we cannot guarantee that no changes have been made since the latest update, and we recommend that users verify current MRLs and national registered products lists using the links provided. If some website links for national registered products lists are not available or functional, users should contact the relevant authorities in the country concerned.